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What is a Genetic Dominance Profile?

There are thirty-two different Dominance Profiles

Genetic Brain Profiling is a unique assessment which provides accurate results for children, teenagers and adults. Knowing your profile, as well as those of your family, will help you to choose better suited subjects, careers, sports, activities, hobbies as well as many other paths you might want to follow.

Genetic Profiling summarised:

Identifies your natural talents or abilities, whether innate or not

Preferred environments and educational situations

Possible behavioural & learning difficulties

Academic strengths and weaknesses

Suitable learning styles

Ideal subject choices & career paths

How you perceive both social & educational information

Unconscious interpersonal communication styles

Causes of stress & the dealing thereof

Relationship needs

Any hyperactive behaviour

The profiles give valuable information for understanding ourselves and others: in our relationships with family, friends, business associates and in our creative and work endeavours.

Ideally we determine such at age 3 to proactively advise and assist a person with potential learning challenges, relationship needs and career choices